anna bellmann

Anna Maria Bellmann (nee Huber 1984 in Starnberg, Germany) grew up by Lake Starnberg between Munich and the Alps where she completed her education in 2003. As a child she already explored the various different art styles and techniques and driven by her fascination for paper as a material, she later founded her studio “Feine Papierobjekte” in 2008.

In her works, she is inspired by the perceived contrast of growth in nature and manmade structures over centuries. These observations gathered by exploring cities as well as local and exotic flora, the macro and the micro cosmos are reflected in her work.

Every work is hand made from a single piece of white paper and lives through the effect of light and shadows. They are as fragile as the shapes they try to capture.

Anna Maria Bellmann is living in a small village south of Munich called Holzhausen by Lake Starnberg with her husband and little children.

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