Amparo Portrait

amparo solarte

Solarte´s abstract expressionist work translates raw emotions into highly gestural compositions full of vitality. Her technique of handling mixed materials builds rich contrasts that leave countless volumes, shapes and fragmented colors to be discovered at close range. Intuitive brush strokes capture feelings that move across the surfaces as wayfinders engaging viewers emotionally and taking them along on a journey where human curiosity and courage are celebrated.

The artist´s experimental approach toward painting leads her to explore and develop her own textures combining self-made tools and unique clays based on liquid silicones.

The paintings of Amparo Solarte have been shown in collective exhibitions and sold internationally. In Munich she is represented by Gallery Lau where she exhibited her first solo show in December 2020.

Her main studio is in Munich, in one of the spaces created by the artist collective super+ in collaboration with KUNSTLABOR 2 (the continuation of a project by the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA)) where painters, sculptors, designers, photographers, architects, illustrators and many other creative minds pursue their creative process. She has recently set up a second studio in Barcelona. 

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